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α1 Centauri

Neuforge-Verheecke, C. (1997)  Spectroscopic analysis of the Alpha Centauri system, Volume 328: pages 261-268.

Available online at: 1997A&A...328..261N (

SN 1986G

C. Ashall et. al. (2016) Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Volume 463: pages 1891–1906.

Available online at: Abundance stratification in Type Ia supernovae – V. SN 1986G bridging the gap between normal and subluminous SNe Ia | Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society | Oxford Academic (

NGC 4709

Renato A. Dupke and Joel N. Bregman (2001) The American Astronomical Society. All rights reserved. Printed in U.S.A. (13pp)

Available online at: 

β Centauri

A. Pigulsk et. al. (2016) Massive pulsating stars observed by BRITE-Constellation Volume 588, (pp 17).

Available online at:

μ Centauri

Rivinius, T. (2000). Non-radial Pulsation Modeling of μ Centauri. International Astronomical Union Colloquium175, 228-231. 

Available online at:

IC 2944

Thackeray, A. D., & Wesselink, A. J. (1965). A Photometric and Spectroscopic Study of the Cluster IC 2944. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society131(1), 121-135. 

Available online at:

NGC 4696

Lakhchaura, K., Mernier, F., & Werner, N. (2019). Possible depletion of metals into dust grains in the core of the Centaurus cluster of galaxies. Astronomy & Astrophysics623, A17.

Available online at:

NGC 3918

García-Rojas, J., Madonna, S., Luridiana, V., Sterling, N. C., Morisset, C., Delgado-Inglada, G., & Toribio San Cipriano, L. (2015). s-process enrichment in the planetary nebula NGC 3918. Results from deep echelle spectrophotometry. Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society452(3), 2606-2640.

Available online at:

NGC 5139

Smith, V. V., Suntzeff, N. B., Cunha, K., Gallino, R., Busso, M., Lambert, D. L., & Straniero, O. (2000). The Chemical Evolution of the Globular Cluster ω Centauri (NGC 5139). The Astronomical Journal119(3), 1239-1258.

Available online at: