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As a conclusion, some the results obtained in my project research do not match with the ones obtained by the scientists. These could be for some different reasons. I think that a big part of the problems comes because I have used in a bad way the Hyperphysics program, as I have put the transition by default because I did not know that the jump was so important. Another problem has been our basic knowledge in this physics yield and where to find reliable information.

I would like to make some reflexion about this project. Even though it has been hard work and a lot of perseverance I have learned many things.

I have learned from space and constellations, many new formulas, learned how to make graphics with Excel and I have also learned how to analyse graphics, how to interpret them, but above all how to find them. It has always been my weak point where to find the information. With this work I have learned places where to find and compare.

It has been hard work, with many hours behind.  But thanks to it I have learned many things.