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α1 Centauri

Analysis the spectrum of α1 Centauri


I have chosen 6 random points from my graphic and calculated the eV. All the results are between 0eV and 3,08eV which indicates that it is H because the next number in the periodic table is He (7,56eV)   


Comparison of my results with other scientists

I have found this article from Astronomy and Astrophysics In their study they found that in this star, the microturbulent velocity and the effective temperaturederived from Fe are compatible whit those derived from Ca, Ti,Cr and Ni. However, the Ca, Ti,Cr and Ni lines are fower than the Fe lines and do not span such a broad range of excitation potentials, thus leading to less accurate determinations.

I think that my results are true, it is very likely that the star contains H. But I think that at the same time I have made some mistakes. Since the results don't match those in the article, they have found many elements.